At Provis Energy all work must be performed in such way that the safety and health of those who are involved are looked after in a satisfactory manner. This is an obligation of our managers, employees and subcontractors. We will work on the basis of the precondition that all work must be planned and carried out such that no damage occurs to people, machines or the environment.

The management system at Provis integrates the environment, health and safety (EHS) in all processes. The system is built up in accordance with the principles in the ISO standards 9001, 9004 and 14001. EHS work is extremely central in the development of our employees.

Preventive work is fundamental in order for us to be successful with EHS in our projects. Job Analysis and Safe Job Analysis (SJA) are tools that we use to survey the risks with respect to EHS and in order to plan work in the safest and most appropriate manner. Through participation in SJA, everyone becomes aware of their tasks and the risks associated with such. To further improve the safety Provis Energy also encourage our employees at construction sites to write unwanted event reports (UER) to make everyone aware of potential risks at site and to take action before having an incident.